Iwo Jima website moved to WordPress

We transitioned the IwoJima.com website from Movable Type to WordPress last month. We tried to test all the links to make sure they still work, but let us know if you find any problems with the site. I think all of the photos got transferred over correctly too.

This website will be easier for us to update now in WordPress, and the commenting system is much improved with nested comments and better formatting. We hope you enjoy the #1 site for Iwo Jima information!

7 thoughts on “Iwo Jima website moved to WordPress

  1. there is a picture you have scanned on this site of john bradley where the subject matter of the photot in marines taking holy communion. bradley is in the top left corner. could you please also look at the guy whose face is just to the left of the priest? he is darker skinned and it looks like ira hayes. i bought this photograph 15 years ago for my dad. by the looks of it, aging and the writing on the back it looks quite old. not sure if it is an original or not.

  2. Help any information on the raising of flag on Iwo Jima a black and white picture 3and a half by 4 and a half of it how many made is it worth anything apprecitate any help.rog

  3. My father was a Seabee on Iwo Jima. I’m trying to find out what specific group he was with. He helped build the airfields.

  4. To Diana, daughter of John Polston: I believe I have information that may be useful to in your search for “DUFFY”. My father’s initials were DUF, and he was present for the flag raising event, and he always said he was asked to help and declined. It is possible that he is the person your father is looking for. Please contact me at ron77ferguson@aol.com. I hope we can bring some joy to your dad in his battle with alzheimer ‘s. Beth Foreman Ferguson

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