The Battle – Photos by USMC Photographer Douglas H. Page

Below are a series of photographs taken by USMC Photographer Douglas H. Page.

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  1. Lin Harris

    I have a ‘one of a kind’ photo of my Navy Dad on IwoJima. Another guy grabbed the spot with a piece of plane and slept there, they called it the Ritz. My Dad’s photo is where he lived right beside the ‘Ritz’ in a pup tent. He fought on Iwo, repaired airplanes, and also was a part time Tail/Belly gunner. There were PLENTY of Navy men on that Island.
    Anyone from the USA who wants to add photos and words from any war, please contact me. I would be honored to add anyone.

  2. Steve Whitehead

    Looking for anyone who knows a supply sgt. ( Wilson) ?? Who wore a western holster with his 45…. The marine corp museum will not accept it unless it’s orgin is confirm…. I bought the side arm from a Vietnam vet who’s widow said it belong to her deceased husband who was in the battle of iwo….

  3. mc2

    My dad, AO2 John Mayer, was a Navy Airman who flew many missions as part of his three-man torpedo bomber crew during WWII. His aircraft carrier, the USS Bismarck Sea was sunk by two Japanese kamikaze planes during Iwo Jima….the last U.S. Carrier sunk during the war. His ship flew air coverage during the Iwo battle. He told me how the normal torpedo bombs they had were ineffective on the Iwo caves. They had to hand mix napalm from scratch on the deck of his carrier to modify bombs that would work. Because his ship was sunk and 1/3 of the crew lost, he was listed as dead and they had already held his funeral by the time he was able to make his way back to the States. He said when he called his local corner store pay phone in NYC from CA, weeks later to phone home, his mother passed out when she heard his voice.

  4. Eileen "Taylor" Lubow

    Hi my name is Eileen “Taylor” Lubow, my father, Burton Pendell (aka)Pindal was on board the LST 812 as a Ship Fitter, 4th Marine Division. He died when I was 13 over 40 years ago so I don’t know a lot and have been trying to narrow down the only thing he shared with me about the scars on his legs, he said I think one was from a gun shot and the other from shrapnet. He told me that all he remembers is waking up on a beach and that someone had pulled him out of the water and bandaged his legs, then they must have moved on, this person saved his life. If anyone knows him or has any information on if the 812 got hit. And this may have happened in Iwo Jima or Okinawa, I’m not sure. I can’t find very much on the LST 812, but I know it was there during the time it shows that my dad was on the muster lists.

    If you have any information, Please let me know, I have been trying to connect the dots for years!!

    Thank you so much,


  5. Donna Tanton

    In regards to the prior note, I was just informed my uncle, Andrew Troy Tanton, may have been in the 4th Marine Division.

  6. Donna Tanton

    My uncle, Andrew Troy Tanton, was in C Company, 1st Batallion, 3rd Division, 25th Marines. He was injured at Tinian and Saipan. He continued in battle until he gave his life on Iwo Jima March 7, 1945. I would be so grateful if anyone has any information, stories or photos they would be willing to share. He is greatly missed by many! Thank you in advance and God bless the men and women of our armed services for their great sacrifices!

  7. Sue Weeks

    My father Tom (Duff) Jones fought on Iow Jima in Feb. 1945, he never spoke about the war. I would like to find some pictures of him in uniform. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can do this?

  8. Mary Vanderbunt

    My Dad died back in 1993. He was a SSG 3rd Marine Div. who fought on Iwo Jima. I have many pictures that were his during his service. I have his tattered Japanese flag , medals and Purple Heart which he received from a rifle shot to his leg. I have his horror stories which he told me when I was a teenage. He had to have someone listen to them… I will share the pictures on my tribute page to him on facebook, and anyone who wishes to share their passed down stories and photos, please do so. Its “3rd Marine Corps Division ( WWII) family”, your fathers did not have to be in the 3rd, as long as they served in the Pacific arena. Thanks….. Semper Fi !

    • Donna Tanton

      My uncle, Andrew Troy Tanton was in the 3rd Marine Division, C Company, 1st Batallion. I would be ever so grateful for any stories and/or photos you would be willing to share. Thank you!

  9. william t strohm

    my brother fought on iwo in the 5th div 5th tank batt his name was john [jack] strohm he died 2011 any person have any info or pictures of him? thank you

  10. Jerry Thompson

    My Dad was with the 4th Marine Division, I’ve forgotten the Battalion and Regiment but he was a very proud marine who used to go to all the reunions at Camp Pendleton in San Diego, he loved to Hob-knob with all the guys and he was president of his chapter for one year which he was very proud of also. He told me many stories when I was younger but being a good dad he omitted the horrible parts probably to spare me any nightmares, I’m sure he had plenty of his own. I am a Vietnam Vet ( Air Force ) 1968-1972 and after being drafted I almost joined the Marines thinking he would be proud of me but he said if you do that I’ll kill you myself, He was half joking but he knew the horror’s involved. He told me one incident where his sister sent him some tomato soup and clean underwear which were in his pack, all his gear plus the pack were on a jeep, as it was coming off the landing craft it was hit by a round and Tomato soup and pieces of white underwear were everywhere. We have to cherish the marines who are left because they are truly heros

  11. frank keller jr

    My dad was with the 4th marine div, 2nd battalion, 23rd regiment, easy company. He was on Iwo Jima for 30+ days and was a part of the “lost patrol”. If anyone has info on that patrol please contact me.

  12. JkHanger

    To the person who signed on as Hi. I wouldn’t be so sure your dad wasn’t there earlier. My father was also in the Navy and was part of a construction battalion, Gropac 2. Sometimes he would tell us random stories about it, but when asked questions, he would change the subject.

    When the 50th anniversary of Iwo Jima was in the news, I called him up and said something like, Wow dad I never knew who many Marines died on that island. Good thing you weren’t there until later, I might not be here. He told me, “The h*ll I wasn’t, I was in the first wave.”

    I found out later from my mother he drove the Marines to the beaches on that day in some sort of landing craft. After the Marines captured the beach, he helped bring in ammunition hand over hand. I have pictures too.

    It’s entirely possible your father was there earlier and never talked about it. My dad was always quick to point out he was shot at on occasion, but never fired his weapon he was given for self defense and the only heros of Iwo Jima were the Marines who died there.

    Dad loved Marines till his death and called them “tough sons of a b%^ches” He credited his coming home to them.

  13. Alvey

    If anyone has any information on Frederick H Alvey (my grandfather) I would appreciate it. He was on Iwo, a lance corporal in the 5th marines, 27th. He is 90 years old, turning 91 this July.

    He has told me some stories, but he his hesitant to do much talking.


  14. mike pollack

    I enlisted in July of 1948. After P.I. , I was sent to Guam to serve with the 5th Field/Service Depot… This was the last supply outfit in the Pacific area. This all took place 4 years after the retaking of the island. We were cleaning up all the material from all the other islands and packing them up for the return to Barstow, Calif. I was in a Ordnance Section, and withnessed the redistribitution of small arms and ammo to the National Chinese Go’vt to a former Liberty ship flying the Chinese flag. We had security guard duty as the island was still being harrased by Japanese stragglers who did’nt surrender.This outfit (5th depot) retired its colors in early 1950 and returned to the states. I learned later that a force of over 25 Japanese soldiers surrended in the mid 1950’s Mike Pollack, former S/Sgt USMC 1948-1952

  15. George Allen

    Does anybody remember a JEROME CICHOCKI? He was in the 4th Marines, AND WAS KIA in March 1945 at Iwo.
    I am trying to get any information on him, for his brother who is up in years

  16. barry powers

    I would like to submit a photo of the 5th tank battalion recon unit , may not exist anywhere , probably doesn’t . my uncle A.Y. powers is in it , he’s still alive btw

  17. debi

    My dad said his cousin was one of the men that raised the first flag, his nickname was dutchy or dutchie. does anyone know if any of the men had that nickname?

  18. George Bernhardt

    My grandfather George Lynn Bernhardt III, was on Iwo Jima and was a corporal at the time. He passed away in 2008 and though he told us a few names he never really spoke of his time in the Marine corp during World War II. Please let me know if anyone else may have know of him and I would be very grateful .

  19. Dorthy L. Jackson

    Does anyone remember Raymond E. Lancaster from Hamilton, Ohio? I am his daughter and would like to know more about my Dad’s experiences.


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