The Battle – Photos by USMC Photographer Douglas H. Page

Below are a series of photographs taken by USMC Photographer Douglas H. Page.

222 thoughts on “The Battle – Photos by USMC Photographer Douglas H. Page

  1. scott tolliver

    my uncle Garland Tolliver (garret) was killed on Iwo Jima he was in the 21st marines any info as to him would be appreciated

  2. Bill Probasco

    Your photos were interesting, and gave glimpses of Marine life and combat on Iwo. Thank you for posting them. My older brother helped take Saipan and Guam. Wounded but made it home. Died in 87. I preached his funeral.

  3. Mike Messina

    My uncle Joseph Messina was in the 5th Marines and KIA on March 10th. Sgt Mike Strank from the famous flag-raising, lived in the next town about two miles from my uncle in Pennsylvania, was also in the 5th Marines & about the same age as my uncle. I wonder if they knew each other. I’d like to think so, and that they were friends.


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