The Battle – Photos by USMC Photographer Douglas H. Page

Below are a series of photographs taken by USMC Photographer Douglas H. Page.

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  1. terry cites

    very interesting site! i had the privilege of serving with gysgt donald e roudebush in asia when he was ordered back to iwo for the 1965 memorial ceremony. he had served with e/2/28/5 as a b a r man. he never spoke of his experiences and i would really enjoy hearing from anyone who might have served on iwo with him.

  2. Fran Martone

    My father was on Iwo Jima in WW II in Army Air Corps. He was a plane radio repair guy for our fly guys.(he trained for pilot, but failed for his not perfect eye sight).
    He too never spoke about the battle unless asked. I was a curious little girl so I would ask him now and then to tell me about it. Once I asked him ‘what was the worst part about the Battle’? He did not have to think very long, and said in a slow, quiet voice, ‘ the worst was waiting on the transport to disembark upon the beach’. I asked, ‘what was so terrible about the waiting’? He said,’ we expected the Marines to take the beach in 3 days time, at which time would be our turn to go. But every day, the ship and all aboard got quieter and quieter, and more somber as day 3 turned to day 6 then 10, then 13. And we knew every day, every minute, our guys were dying’. Even after all those years, tears welled up in eyes, saying it was our brave Marines who stepped first and died first on that beach and gave the ultimate for you and me. And, with their turn on the beach, having to climb over the bodies, which with every step he said he prayed to God to take their souls to heaven for their ultimate sacrifice, blessing each one on his way up the dune. Even as a kid I could feel his sorrow and pain still within him after 50+ years, as he remembered the service of his fellow fallen soldiers.
    On the lighter side, my dad would tell us about living in a ‘fox hole’ for a month; rationed 1 helmet of water a day; and the terrible heat and bugs on the island. He was one of the greatest generation, as were they all. My dad died in 1995, and I still miss him today, as he was a man and soldier of honor. I am most proud of him for serving our country, and he was always most proud of our Marines who landed first on that beach in pride and service to us all.

  3. Doug Miller

    My dad, George Miller of New York, was with the 5th, and badly wounded shortly out of the landing craft. He recuperated at Newport hospital, where he met my mom, a pharmacists mate with the U.S. Navy, who nursed him back to life and married him shortly thereafter.
    My dad was changed forever by his time at Iwo, and never said a word about it to me. If anyone knows of him, and has any information, I would love to hear from you.
    Sincerely, Doug Miller

  4. Michael Maddox

    Regarding: Jeff Pinkham request for information about Sherman Pinkham on Iwo.
    I am sitting here with Hobert Wright, 91, 1st Section, 4th Provisional Rocket Detachment who was behind Lt. Pinkham when he was wounded and is willing to speak with about what happened that day. “December 5, 2012 at 2:19 am
    The postings are so similar. Growing up with my dad, he never spoke of his time on Iwo as a member of the “Fighting 4th”, at least until his latter years. The stories that eventually trickled out belied his gentle demeanor, and it was like hearing something that happened to someone else. His name was Sherman Pinkham, part of the rocket launcher brigade. Anyone know him? One of his comrades whose name he never got carried him to the beach after he was severely wounded on day 3, and ran into the water to flag back the transport ship that had just left to get him to the hospital. He would have died otherwise, and I wouldn’t be writing this.

  5. Jennifer Floyd

    My grandfather Wadimir (Walter) Aniskoff was in the 4th and I am hoping to find some photos of him. he will be turning 90 this April 2016

  6. Jean Johnson

    My husband is 91 now and he served in the Navy. He was at the battle of Iwo Jima on the U.S.S. Sumner, a survey ship. I have many pictures that he brought home with him. I have been posting them on Face Book in the last couple of weeks. If you are interested to add to this collection, Please contact me.

  7. scott tolliver

    my uncle Garland Tolliver (garret) was killed on Iwo Jima he was in the 21st marines any info as to him would be appreciated

  8. Bill Probasco

    Your photos were interesting, and gave glimpses of Marine life and combat on Iwo. Thank you for posting them. My older brother helped take Saipan and Guam. Wounded but made it home. Died in 87. I preached his funeral.

  9. Mike Messina

    My uncle Joseph Messina was in the 5th Marines and KIA on March 10th. Sgt Mike Strank from the famous flag-raising, lived in the next town about two miles from my uncle in Pennsylvania, was also in the 5th Marines & about the same age as my uncle. I wonder if they knew each other. I’d like to think so, and that they were friends.


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