Iwo Jima Movies

“Sands of Iwo Jima” was a big hit for Republic Pictures and John Wayne.

John Wayne and the three surviving Flag Raisers. (Left to Right) Ira Hayes, John Bradley, John Wayne and Rene Gagnon.

John Wayne and John Bradley.

The survivors raise the flag again in the finale.

(Clockwise from left) George Schrier, John Bradley, Ira Hayes and Rene Gagnon at Union Station in Washington DC for the premiere of “Sands of Iwo Jima” 1949. Schrier led the platoon up Mt. Suribachi to raise the first flag, Bradley was a funeral director in Wisconsin, Hayes a farmer in Arizona and Gagnon an airlines clerk in New Hampshire.

John Wayne being memorialized at Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Wayne’s plaque is black. Black cement made from the black sands of Iwo Jima.

A scene from the movie “The Outsider” about Ira Hayes. Tony Curtis (far left) played Hayes. Actors playing John Bradley and Rene Gagnon meet the press.

Steven Spielberg acquired the movie rights. Clint Eastwood is the Director. Learn more . . . Get the Movie!

Also directed by Clint Eastwood, this film portrays the Battle of Iwo Jima from the perspective of the Japanese soldiers. Get the Movie!

39 thoughts on “Iwo Jima Movies

  1. Dennis Molnar

    I saw a woman at the RNC attempting to burn the America flag. If I were present
    I would have told her about the 6800 U.S. Marines who died on Iwo Jima because of that flag, and who were looking down on her saying, “Woman have you no shame.”
    Navy Vet: U.S.S. Independence (cva-62 59-62)

    • Gary Lynd

      What is sad yet speaks what a Marine is, is that John Bradley ( Navy Medic ) never did help lift that flag. Harold Shultz did and never tried to take the credit. The Marines a few years ago saw the evidence and did change who officially helped. Shultz died in the mid 90’s keeping his secret to himself. Marines do not look for individual greatness. They are and always have been a team.

  2. Shanonn

    Are you talking about Zach Broome? He is my great uncle. I just read the interview he did with my aunt Mary Lou in 1993. Did you ever find the news reel?

  3. Magenband

    Reality which are shared the next into your webpage is fairly amazing! You possess supplied it completely adequately. I hope to function out a superb work considerably far supplemental posts in typically the lengthy expression.

  4. Sean

    My Grandfather fought on Iwo Jima – he was in the Navy attached to the 4th Marines as a gunners mate. Is there a place that you can view the old news reels from Iwo Jima as there is supposed to be a clip showing him in a foxhole.

    • Peter Doornekamp

      Yes, some of it is on Youtube… if he’s not in those reels I think your only hope is going to the U.S. Archives.

  5. Not Important

    A soldier was killed in duty, and was brought to the golden gates of Heaven. There, he faced God, and said, “Lord, I know I wasn’t a spiritual man. I did some things I aint proud of, and some more that you aint proud of, and I won’t be mad if you don’t let me in.” God looked down at the soldier, and then turned to the angel next to him, “Open these gates, and find him a spot with us” The angel was shocked, and said, but why? God turns to the soldier and says “This man just came from hell

  6. G.D. Snyder

    Pfc Pepper you have much to be proud of.Continuing a tradition of honor and integrity. I know. My son is a staff sergeant of 12 years service in his beloved Corps. God bless all of you.

  7. Robert Pepper

    My father served honorably on Iwo Jima in the 3rd Marines and many other battles before and after, in preparation for the invasion of Japan. He was good and faithful father that tried to instill in me the value of freedom and the expense that it required. He was a peace loving man that did not regret his time in service, carried no hatred towards anyone, because the war to end all wars ended in 1945. He passed away in March, 1999. However, I’m glad that he can’t see the looseness that many people and politians exibit towards freedom. Thank God that he and many others like him lived to express the love for me and the other Americans like me so we can defend ourselves and still speak the English language.
    My father was my hero, PFC Lonnie M. Pepper, 3rd Marines

    • rita mason

      just knowing someone like you is the greatest honor..i know it was long ago.but when i see all those young men being killed my heart aches. you are very specall god knows you are. how do we keep tears from flowing?

  8. John Dickinson

    I served with a George Martin. i was in the 23rd Marines 4th Marine Div. George was my Sgt. He was from Kentucky


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