15 thoughts on “Pictures of Franklin Sousley

  1. Frank Johnson

    May God bless these men, their families, and help bring an end to war. Remember their bravery and sacrifice.

  2. Brenda

    I heard that one of the men in the famous picture of the flag raising was from Kentucky. Read the story of Franklin Sousley and the kind and beautiful letters he wrote to his Mother. He sounded like a wonderful Brave man. So proud.

  3. Erin

    Franklin was my Grandmothers first cousin…making him my third. The family resemblance is so amazing. I feel like I’m looking at pictures of my father and uncle. Wow!

  4. Adam

    I don’t know how I’m related to Franklin but I Must be. I look just like this brave man who sacrificed his life for others.


    Adam Sousley.

  5. alisonlowe20

    A few years ago, my then 76 year old grandma(she live in Campbellsville,KY) told me and my mom that her brother’s best friend was Frank Sousley. When I asked her who that was, she told me that he was one of the six flag raisers at Iwo Jima. Didnt know if that would be of any help or not.

  6. Dewilde


    Can someone tell me if two of these photos are with the sergeant Franck and his mother Goldie?
    Thank for yours response.
    I’m so happy to see anothers photos of him. You can be proud of him.

  7. jessi

    franklyn is my great great cousin on my moms side. i am very proud of him and i love him alot.

  8. Stacy

    Im from flemingsburg ky.I knew some Sousleys there.Always been intersted in Franklin alot.glad to have found this site.thank you

  9. Barry Myers

    My prayer is that our youth understand what these men sacrificed in order for us to live free.

    We so take our freedoms for granted, may God forgive us.

    I remember when our churches would remember and recognize our war veterans on special holidays like Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Fourth of July, unfortunately they appear to be just another day as these young individuals become leaders in our society..

    We all are able to live our life of freedom because of the sacrifices made by all our service men.

  10. mike

    sacrafice and price are key in self preservation it feels like and you father supposedly was a hero but whats that mean but a title for a book that is consious of its booksales, does it change the story no dont let life i tell myself


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