Iwo Jima Today

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  1. Nathan Gonzalez

    Hi Todd. My name is Nathan. I’m a Sergeant in The U.S. Marine Corps. Finding information for your grandfather is a Matter of public record. You can actually find this information pretty easily. Try the link I’ve attached below. With your grandmothers help and a little bit of basic information you should do just fine. If you run into any snags along the way please feel free to shoot me and email at gonzo1000jr47@gmail.com. I’d be happy to assist. Semper Fi.


  2. Todd king

    My great grandfather was in the 5th marine division and was kia on iwo jima. I’m desperate to find out more info. Maybe there’s a veteran from the 5th that remembers him. I was told by my grandmother that he joined up when he was 34. Quite a bit older than most. She said most of the guys looked up to him because he was older. That may help someone remember him. I really just want to learn all I can about my grandfather that gave his life for our country. Something I am very tour of. His name was William F. Boyd. Pvt 5th marine division.

    • Laura Greenlee

      Hi. My dad delbert o greenlee of sioux falls sd was also in the 5th division. You should contact my brother david greenlee of garretson sd, as he knows more than me

      Laura Greenlee
      Asheville NC


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